Hi friends,
I’m so excited to announce, Brooklyn To Mars #12 is finally here...

Brooklyn To Mars is about starting where you are and going someplace extraordinary.  I believe this is the best issue since the zine started back in February 2012.

  • It's limited edition and will not be reprinted after it sells out.
  • Issue Twelve comes on beautiful grape colored cardstock.
  • It features 60 pages of incredible, brand new content.
  • The cover photo is a real NASA-owned photograph taken in space.
  • The inside of the booklet also features 10 original 19th-century engravings.

So what’s inside?

Issue #12 is about having the courage to follow our intuition. It’s about re-committing to our art and our passions and the things that get us excited to get out of bed in the morning.

There are a million distractions in this life. We are surrounded by people telling us we can’t do things.  It's important not to listen to nay-sayers but instead focus on what our hearts are telling us.

Issue #12 is here to remind us to listen to our hearts more often. There is a wealth of knowledge within our intuition. This new issue of Brooklyn To Mars is written to help us tap into that.

I made Brooklyn To Mars #12 just for you.

So now I leave it up to you.  Your intuition knows best.  It's there to guide you and lead you to where you are meant to be.

You can grab the new issue for a limited time right here:

Thank you for everything,

P.S. Don't forget, it's limited edition.